Why Tech Giants Keeps Attracting To Linux

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Big tech giants like Microsoft has always been a rival for Linux. Microsoft vs Open source has always been a heated debate topic. But in recent days Microsoft has taken some decisions to promote Linux. Microsoft Azure and linux based os(Azure Sphere OS) which will help to protect microprocessors used in “Internet of things” devices. Google’s chrome OS is also based upon the linux. But after all the patent war against Linux why Microsoft is promoting Linux?

There are various factors that have contributed to this. That shows why Linux is better for servers than others.

Open source and free – Biggest reason that helps Linux to surpass microsoft servers is that they are completely free and available as open source software. Microsoft can take the linux kernels and enhance the functionality as per their need and they are good to go.

Stability- Linux has maintained their performance stability for years. Linux is designed as per the user’s need. Continuous improvement by the large community helps in maintaining the server performance.

Linux provides real time server maintenance i.e. there is no need to shut down servers for maintenance.

Security- There is no doubt that linux provides best security solution than the competitors. Security is what keeps attracting everyone to the linux. Vulnerabilities are patched on daily basis by large communities, this is much better than waiting for the company to fix a bug.

Hardware- Linux servers don’t need very high power computing device. It can provide stable performance on low end devices too. Also, they don’t need frequent hardware upgrades like windows servers.

These are the reasons why Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon are now using Linux for their servers. So, comment down and let us know
your thoughts on linux.

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