Why PUBG Mobile Became So Popular?

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PUBG Mobile is now No.1 Game on Mobile platform. It has more players than fortnite including PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

PUBG Mobile has more than 200 Million users in total and 30 Million active users. PUBG Mobile also became the best game of the year on Google Play Store. It is a battle royal game which is developed by Tencent games.

So, Why PUBG Mobile Became So Popular?

Well there are many factors regarding why PUBG Mobile is so popular and here are some important factors.

1. Unique Concept

PUBG and PUBG Mobile both released with a new concept called battle royal. According to Battle Royal 100 players can play against each other at a time in a single match and the one who survives till position No.1 will hold the title of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Players can choose between solo, duo and squad and can also create their own room.

2. Available for Free

PUBG is paid on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 but it is free on Android and IOS, that’s why the game became so popular on PlayStore as well as on Apple App Store. PUBG Mobile holds the No.1 grossing game title since the day it was released on Play Store.

3. Play with Friends

Well this is one of the most important factor in any online multiplayer game. Player can cooperate with their friends which turns the gameplay into whole another level. Here the best thing is, player can also talk with each other for better coordination.

4. Requirements are Low

If you compare the requirements of PUBG Mobile with PUBG PC, then you will realize that PUBG PC requires proper gaming PC which includes a lot of investment whereas, PUBG Mobile can run on almost any Phone smoothly.

5. Graphics are impressive

In terms of graphics PUBG Mobile unlocks the new level of gaming on mobile platform, hats off to the developers for doing such a fantastic job. There are lots of tournaments of PUBG Mobile all over the world and with this, gamers are getting good opportunity to create their career in gaming.


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