Why Every Programmer Should Know About React JS?

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What if we tell, that you don’t need to learn JAVA, KOTLIN or SWIFT to create Android and iOS apps. React is an open source library of JavaScript designed by Facebook to develop Android and iOS apps with a single codebase.

Use of React

React provides freedom to developers so that they can use their web development skills to develop Android and iOS apps. Developers can use their HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to develop native apps.

Facebook developed React as they were facing lot of problems in redesigning their apps. It’s like a lightweight component that can be injected anywhere. Developers can use React with MySQL, PHP, Firebase and MongoDB etc.

Why you should learn React?

The best thing about React native is instead of compiling your app again and again you just need to reload the app just like any website. The main aim of React Native is to provide flexibility to the developers so that they don’t need to do separate coding for Android and iOS apps.

Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Walmart apps are developed using React.

Faster than its competitors

There are many platforms in the market that can produce native apps but React is robust and faster among all of them. Google Flutter is also similar to Facebook React but Flutter works on DART Programming language whereas React works on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Developers can create iOS apps even without MacBook or iMac as they need a lot of investment.

The latest version of React is v16.7.0. It is already facing a really good competition in the market as Google also entered into the competition with its Flutter. So, what do you think about Facebook React Native tell us in the comments below.

Get Started with React.

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