Vietnam’s Draconian Cyber Security Bill Comes into Effect

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Vietnamese Government approves the Law to remove content communist authorities, comes into effect…

The cyber security bill was passed at Vietnam’s parliament in June, 2018 and now came to an effect. This law tends to remove online content that the government terms as ‘TOXIC’. Major tech giants, Facebook and Google may also have to give up their user data to the government, if they ask for it. Also, the internet users in Vietnam, cannot express themselves freely and safely now.

Basically, This law bans any internet user in Vietnam, who tries to post content that seems to be anti-state, anti-government, or tries to distort any historical value associated with the society. Many critics suggest, that it is somewhat similar to China’s repressive censorship of the internet. It is also becoming hard for new startups, which are working on relocation to the country, because such laws are a big hurdle for them. In addition to that, it is also difficult for all the tech giants including Facebook and Google to adjust with all the new laws. They’ll need to change their business models and policies so that they can comply with the new laws and rules.

Many activists or social entities who tried to raise their voice via online support, can’t carry any further. Doing so, might lead to some legal actions. Eventually, it seems they have lost their freedom to express what they feel and think in the online world!

What can we conclude?

With such laws in the country, the user looses his/her freedom to act freely in the society. It becomes harder for the user to properly express and post content online. There might be some pros listed with this new law that the government can’t neglect, but genuinely it seems like cons are bigger in number.

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