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Hello to all the football fans out there. No matter which football legend you admire let it be MESSI, RONALDO, HAZARD, RONALDINHO etc or which football club you follow, no matter if you’re a street footballer or professional football player, there’s one thing common for all of us, that we all love, FOOTBALL.

Before we move on to our topic, first let’s talk about our favourite game a bit.


We grew up playing many sports in our childhood let it be cricket or badminton or any other game. But you’ll agree to me, the passion and teamwork which football has taught us is incomparable. This sport has a completely different feel that separates it from other sports. When we pass the ball to our teammates, dribble it past the defenders, and shoot it in the top right corner of the goalpost, the ball contains more than the spin or power, it contains the feelings and efforts of the players that scores us a goal.


If you grew up playing football, you must have been in a situation when the opponent defender committed a foul and got away with it because the referee couldn’t notice it or when you scored a goal but referee declared you offside and you couldn’t do anything because the local referee was biased. These situations used to occur in international matches also therefore to resolve this issue VAR was introduced.

The VIDEO ASSISTANT REFEREE(VAR) is a football assistant referee who reviews the decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication.

VAR technology was officially introduced in 2018, when VAR’s were written into the Laws of the game by IFAB (International Football Association Board).


VAR is mainly used in four incidents which can be identified as Game-changing.

GOALS- VAR is used to assist the referee to determine if a goal should be awarded or not. As the ball has crossed the line, play is interrupted so there is no direct impact on the game.

PENALTY DECISIONS- VAR ensures that no clearly wrong decisions are made in conjunction with the declaration of a penalty kick.

DIRECT RED CARD INCIDENTS- VAR ensures if the decision of referee to give a player a direct red card is right or not.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY- If the referee is unsure which player committed the foul, VAR is used to identify the player using the incident footage.


When an incident occurs, and the referee is unsure about making a decision, he signals for VAR by drawing a rectangular figure in air with his index fingers.

VAR consists of a team of referees which continuously have an eye on the game through the monitor in the VAR room. The video footage is reviewed by the VAR, who advices the referee via headset what the video shows. Then the referee decides if he wants to go with the decision made by VR or he himself wants to check the footage.

Sometimes when the incident occurs and VAR is needed, but the other team gets in a possible attacking situation then the VAR is called after the ball has crossed the line so that it doesn’t have a direct impact on the game.


After the use of VAR in FIFA world cup in 2018, LaLiga has also adopted the VAR technology as it helps in making the game fair for both the teams.

Even the professional player themselves approve of VAR being used. Recently in world cup 2018, the popular striker of Uruguay who also plays for FCB (Football Club Barcelona) requested the FIFA board to strictly use the VAR in his upcoming match against Portugal because some players tend to dive on the field to gain a penalty or freekick and get away with it.

UEFA Champions League will also start using the VAR technology from the round of 16 in February 2019.

So, I think VAR is a good step for revolutionizing football and should be used in every major league and tournament.

 Tell us what do you think of VAR being used in Football. Do you think it kills the feel and emotion of the game by going in depth so much or is it necessary for the sake of Fair play.

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