Twitter will soon allow you to edit tweets

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During a session at IIT Delhi, Jack Dorsey CEO of twitter confirms that option to edit the tweet will be available soon. Jack Dorsey knows that an “edit” button is one of the most demanded feature and also confirmed that company is working on different types of new functionalities or we can say they’re working on new features which will be available in future updates.

Jack Dorsey said there’s a lot of confusion regarding edit button & what should be the best way to implement it.

“When we hear about the edit button, you have to pay attention not to what people are asking you for but to the use cases. What’s the question behind the question?” said Dorsey. “So I’ve misspelled something or I tweeted the wrong URL, and I want to correct it. So that’s a lot more achievable than allowing people to edit any tweet all the way back in time.

There’s a bunch of things we could do to show a changelog and show how a tweet has been changed and we’re looking at all this stuff but ultimately we need to make sure we’re solving a real problem and solving a use case that people are seeing as friction within the service and making that easy for people to do. We’ve been considering edit for quite some time but we have to do it in the right way.” ~Jack Dorsey

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