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Stay away from carding and related SPAMS

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Guys today I am going to talk about some serious spams, for which a newbie geek easily gets trapped. Not only a tech geek, but also general users fall into this trap.

Note: This post is about Carding and related stuff which is totally illegal. Main motive of this post is to make you guys aware of what is going on, in the online world. I am not responsible for what you do or plan to do online.

Let’s start it with the basic definition of carding. Carding is basically using a stolen debit/credit card to order stuff from e-commerce websites. This thing comes under black hat hacking which is totally illegal. There are various places on the internet where all of this goes on!

Nowadays what people do, they post some rate list mentioning various high-end electronics for cheap prices. It’s a spam, for which a normal user gets fooled easily. These guys pretend to have a keen knowledge of the carding process, but actually what they do is, they just take money in advance and dupe people.

Here is an example of what the message looks like :

Sample post of carding stuff spam

These messages are generally posted on various social networking sites, and a rate list is given to lure the user and dupe them. Never fall into such traps.

First, a thief will never openly shout out loud for selling what he robbed. Second, its an illegal thing to perform. Its basically, you are stealing someone else’s money to buy stuff.

At the end I would like to advice, don’t ever think of trusting such fake profiles online. In addition, never ever indulge in such wrong practices. Yes, gathering information and keeping a track of various things going in this online world is fine, but indulging in such practices is totally wrong.

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