Best Siri Shortcuts for iOS 12: Quick Guide

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In 2018, Apple announced Siri Shortcuts in their annual upcoming software event WWDC 2018. Siri Shortcuts is something beyond your imagination. Before the launch of Siri Shortcuts, there was so much trouble in iPhone just for something creative and productivity task. But since Siri Shortcuts replaces the Apple’s own workflow, app users can make their own shortcuts for their specific task with the help of single tap and voice command.

Siri Shortcuts is an application which is available for general public on Apple app store for iOS devices. Third party Applications can include Siri Shortcuts to their application and make them easier. Also, they can give the support for Siri via Siri kit.

What is siri shortcuts ?

Siri shortcuts is just the automation for iOS devices. In Siri shortcuts you can make your own Shortcut with simple drag and drop and can access those shortcuts with Hey Siri command. Examples like-

  1. If you want to download the content of a url from safari or any other browser, you can make shortcut for this particular task
  2. You can count days from a particular date.
  3. Resize images.
  4. Audio trim.
  5. Make gif from burst mode photos and personally selected photos.

There are a lot of things you can do with Siri Shortcuts and there’s no limit.

How to use Siri Shortcuts?

Siri Shortcuts is very simple and you can make your own shortcuts with drag and drop actions. Now a days, every single developer and in fact the general public is making their own shortcuts for their own convenience and for their own specific use. You can use these shortcuts from share sheet as well as with Hey siri command after adding your own custom phrase for your shortcuts.

Here, we have some siri shortcuts for your use and also you can download Siri Shortcuts from the built in shortcuts app and other developers’ sites which may help you and make your life much easier as iOS user.

First shortcut to download the content of url from safari and any other browser where you can download music from these shortcuts. To get these shortcuts you need to download Shortcuts app from Apple App Store.

The Second shortcut may help you in practice life. In this shortcut you can change resolutions and convert the format of a photo, you can choose multiple photos at same time and save it on your Camera roll gallery.

Our third shortcut is mainly for those people who wants to make zip for their files. Also, including photos, pdf, songs and many more things and send them via Email, WhatsApp, iMessage and any other ways. This siri shortcut will surely help you.

Also, One more thing about Siri Shortcuts is that you can add your own custom phrase for any single shortcut. When you say “Hey Siri”, your custom phrase(whatever you set for your shortcut) will run and you can add shortcuts to the sharesheet, as your convenience.

These are some basic siri shortcuts, you can download or add more from Apple’s shortcut Application or from the web.

We hope these shortcuts will help you and make your life much easier.

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