Russia to deliver S-400 system to India despite of US Sanctions

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Russia has assured timely delivery of its S-400 Triumf air defense system to India despite of sanctions

Sergei Ryabkov, Russian deputy foreign minister has said that Russia will timely deliver its S-400 air defense system to India. On Jan 9, 2019, Russia gave assurance to India that there will be no time delays and the deliveries will be completed by 2023. Also, both countries are looking forward to use a different payment system.

History of the S-400 System

The S-400 Triumf is world’s best air defense system in comparison with any other missile system till now. In 2007, Russia inducted the system in its military after successful trials. Previously known as S-300 PMU-3, the system is currently in use by Russia, People’s Republic of China, Algeria and Belarus. Also, there are few countries already in a queue to get this system such as India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

In October 2018, Russia signed the agreement with India to sell the S-400 system. The cost of the deal was Rs.400 billion(USD 5.68 billion) which will significantly enhance India’s defense capabilities in air. Also, Russia is looking forward to sell this system to more countries. Moreover, Russia has also developed the S-500 SAM(Surface to Air Missile) system and will deploy it by 2020.

S-400 to India

Sergei Ryabkov told reporters, “India would receive the systems as agreed upon in due time, without any delays. And, your (India’s) national security will be enhanced substantially”. Also, “We (Russia) want to be immune to arbitrary unilateral measures undertaken by some country against a very legitimate form of international cooperation,” he added.

Specifications of the S-400 System

Max. target speed4.8 kmps (Mach 14)
Range against aerodynamic targets400 km
Target detection distance600 km
The number of simultaneously engaged targets80

Moreover, both Russia and India are working on a different payment method to pass over from America’s CAATSA Act. As Russia is facing sanctions under the Act, India is trying to avoid each and every reason that could result in sanctions on the country.

It is yet to see what happens with the deal in between the risk of sanctions over India.

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