Python: Best Programming Language to Learn in 2019

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Python is the best programming language to learn in 2019 due to its wide versatility from web development to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Python is a high level and object oriented programming language. It is way powerful as compared to any other language because it covers all types of fields. One programming language for Web Development, Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Dynamic Web Application. If you want to become a programmer but you’re ignoring python, think again.

Here are some key points so you could understand why python is best for you in 2019.

Easy to Learn

Python is easy to learn as compared to any other language such as C, C++ and Java. It does not require variable initialization. The basics of python are easy to remember, if you are a beginner then python can be the best option for you.


The versatility of python cannot be defined in words. It covers almost all the fields whether it is web development, Graphical User Interface, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Scientist or Machine learning. If you want to work with NVIDIA as a data scientist, then python can be the golden stairs to your dreams.

Dynamic Web Application

Python should be your first choice if you want to develop Dynamic Web Applications as it provides frameworks like Django and Flask. Django and Flask both are very famous frameworks used to develop dynamic applications. They both provide best features to develop dynamic web applications in minimum possible time.

Game Development

If you want to become a game developer, python can be a good option as it provides the framework called Pygame. Also, you can use python for Maya (popular for Computer Application and Modelling). The main issue is python is not performing well for high end games on any game engine now days. But turns out, it could be the best programming language for you to learn in 2019.

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