PUBG PS4 release date leaked

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PUBG PS4 release date might have been leaked on Amazon. The Amazon listing items showed PUBG PS4 but it is not available now because the listing of PUBG on Amazon is now removed. According to that listing PUBG for PlayStation 4 will be released on December 8.

When the listing of PUBG for PS4 was available it didn’t have any product description. The GAME AWARDS 2018 will be on 7th December and the expectations is that PUBG for PS4 will be also announced in that event as most of the Game Studios come to GAME AWARDS for their upcoming titles. According to the rumors, a user claimed that PUBG was present in their PS4 game database.

PUBG is a battle-royal game in which 100 players can play together at a time in a single match and the one who can survive the whole battle will win the title of ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’. In this game players can play solo, duo & squad. It has become one of the most popular online games ever launched. PUBG is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, IOS and will be available on the PS4 soon. 


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