PUBG PC Lite: Better than PubG Mobile?

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PUBG PC is a very heavy and graphic intensive game, it requires atleast Nvidia GTX 1050ti for Smooth Gameplay. Due to these requirements many players are not able to run PUBG on their PC and after the release of PUBG Mobile, Tencent developed Game Buddy Emulator so that PC Players could also experience PUBG Mobile on their PC but now Bluehole has developed PUBG PC Lite also known as PUBG Project thai for low specs PC’s and Laptops.

Is it better than PUBG Mobile on Emulator?


The Gameplay of PUBG Lite is better than PUBG Mobile on Emulator as the mechanics of PUBG Lite is inspired from PUBG PC and it doesn’t come with Aim-Assistant so you can feel more competitive gameplay.

PUBG Mobile on Emulator takes extra resources as it runs on emulator so your PC or laptop have to handle both Android emulator and PUBG Mobile at same time.


PUBG Lite is not able to stand against PUBG PC in terms of graphics but it can beat PUBG Mobile. I have tested PUBG Lite on my laptop which has 8GB RAM, i5 7th Gen and 2GB 940mx DDR5 GPU at max settings and my laptop is able to handle PUBG Lite at 60fps on 720p resolution.

PUBG PC Lite is now available in Thailand for beta testing and soon it will be available on Steam for global users. If you don’t live in Thailand and want to test PUBG Lite on your PC then you would need to use VPN.

PUBG Lite Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Both Minimum and recommended requirements of PUBG PC Lite are very low as compared to PUBG PC.

PUBG Mobile is very famous right now. So, what do you think about PUBG PC Lite, will it be able to replace PUBG Mobile on Emulator? Let us know in the comments below.

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