PUBG Mobile upcoming updates in 2019

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Pubg mobile has already dropped the most awaited update with snow map in 0.10 update but there is more to come. So, here are the expected upcoming updates in 2019.

January Update(version 0.11)

Auto Rikshaw(Tuk-Tuk)

There will be a new vehicle for Shanok map(4×4 map) and it will be a three wheeler Auto rikshaw.

Also, it will be known as Tuk-Tuk vehicle.

Snow map in erangel in zarki

Zarki location in erangel map has always been an autumn weather map but this is going to change with the snow weather. In the new update, zarki will have a snow map theme and now you will get a feeling of vikendi in erangel map.

Dynamic weather in miramar and erangel

Shanok map has a dynamic weather since 0.9 update, which means the weather can be changed automatically. It can be rainy, sunny and foggy. This feature will be available for erangel and miramar maps.

New death cam

Death cam is already available for Pubg PC and now it is coming to pubg mobile. Also, It will allow players to watch the death replay from enemy prospective and will help in reporting a suspicious player.

Zombie mode

Zombie mode has already been teased in 0.10 update and a new arcade mode is expected.This mode will be known as the Zombie mode.

February updated 0.12

New weapon G36C

A new assault rifle is coming. G36C is the new AR and it will use 7.62mm just like AKM. This new weapon will prove to be very powerful in close range.

Arcade mode in shanok

We can expect arcade mode like snipe training in 4×4 shanok map. New arcade mode will be available in TPP mode.


Just like apples and snow balls in waiting lobby we can receive a new fun item to play with and hopefully, it can be fireworks 🎆.

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