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The last OnePlus launch was the OnePlus 6t and now the company is working on a new OnePlus device. In Qualcomm event one plus said, they will be one of the first to launch a 5G device and the new device has been leaked. This could be the new One plus 7.

A new leaked post on Slashleaks shows a pic having two smartphones running Oxygen OS. The device on the right looks very familiar to the recently launched OnePlus 6T. But the left one is something new and crazy.

Taking the next step and removing any visible sensors at the top of the screen is an obvious call, but leads to a number of discussion points. The first and obvious question to everyone is, where will OnePlus mount the forward facing selfie camera.

Our guess is that the slider smartphone could be the OnePlus 7. Which is already under development alongside the 5G variant of the OnePlus 6T. It could be that the OnePlus 7 will have a pop-up camera lens (such as the Vivo Nex S) or a fully sliding rear plate (found in Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3) that exposes the sensors.

There’s a high chance that OnePlus could use MWC 2019 to unveil the OnePlus 5G 6T and showcase OnePlus 7. They could also hint at the device with some sort of a teaser.

Whatever may be the case, you shouldn’t get excited for now as this is too early to assume anything. There’s a high chance that this could be a prototype device that OnePlus is testing or a oneplus fan just Photoshop to get some views. However, with more manufacturers adopting the slider form, we won’t be surprised if OnePlus adopts it for the OnePlus 7.

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