New products expected in CES 2019

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Consumer electronic show 2019 is going to happen in Las Vegas and it is going to be huge like every year. CES 2019 will run from January 8 to januaru 12 but some manufacturers wants to go ahead of competetion and they will start showing their products from January 6.
Here is what we can expect from large companies.

Samsung has already revealed an 8k TV and it will be exciting to see more Tvs form other manufactures. Last year LG showed an experimental 65″ roll able OLED but because of the experiment it never goes on sale. More user friendly version is expected of that TV from LG that can be used as final product.

Also, more TVs with Google Assistant and Alexa will be released.

Laptops and tablets

Large laptop manufacturers like Dell, Samsung, Asus are always ready to blow our minds with their new concepts. Razer’s experiment with their phone to create Project Linda was a great concept and every one liked that concept.
In 2019, we can expect new laptops with new GPU and CPU from NVIDIA and AMD because both companies are expected to launch new products for laptops.

Cars and automation

We can expect a lot from cars companies. BMW- BMW is going to embrace multitasking while driving with its iNEXT concept. The BMW Vision iNEXT is fully electric, fully connected and offers highly autonomous driving.
The concept will give drivers power to do things like communicating with people, controlling home devices or calling while driving.


Bosch is expected to reveal their version of driverles, electric card. Their technology will run on V2X, vehicle to vehicle communication. It is hard to implement but it’ll be interesting to see what Bosch will reveal.

we can alsoo see Alexa and Google assistant integration in automation. with this we can control our home, office while driving.

Chip makers

For fellow PC geeks, Intel is rumored to be preparing a new 10-core 14nm CPU code named Comet Lake. Even more intriguing, Intel might be preparing to launch its own graphics card.


We can see a mobile graphics card from NVIDIA that will power new laptops. RTX series can also get new friends.


AMD already has its plans to show off new graphics cards and 3rd-gen Ryzen processors at CES 2019 this year. Rumors suggests there will be 3 Ryzen CPUs.Those CPUs will be of ryzen 5, ryzen 7 family and a new mobile version of Ryzen.

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