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Hey Guys, Excelsior!

If you are a marvel fan and you still haven’t recovered from the death of your favourite superhero by Thanos’ snap…sorry we can’t do anything about it but mourn because we’re one of you too. But we do have a news to cheer you up a bit.

Last year, some rumours were going on about a new MCU video game currently in development since the gaming company, which brought us Tomb Raider, The Square Enix signed a deal with Marvel Comics to produce a new game based on its characters tentatively titled-The Avengers Project. Big companies like Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal were reportedly working on the game. 

Here we are talking about two different games and not one. The game which is being developed by Square Enix is completely under curtains for now.

Recently, the developers of a new gaming company, SECOND DINNER which includes the former creators of Hearthstone and Halo released a video on their YouTube channel to announce that they have partnered with the comic giant to add another game to the already existing cluster of marvel-based video games.

Also, The game would feature popular characters from marvel comics like Spiderman, The Avengers, X-men and many other heroes. They have started working on the prototype of the game already. They are currently looking for client engineers and technical team members.

We do know that the game has been in development for 6 months atleast but no further information about the project is yet known.

Going by the history of the team, this could also be a card game like Hearthstone and many other marvel games available on play store but it is said to be optimised for the mobile phone players too so it won’t be too much to ask for an action-adventure type of game rather than another card game since the gaming technology in mobile phone has increased tremendously.

And one more thing to be noted is that marvel recently released a new digital card game-marvel Battle Lines, so it won’t make sense at all to create another card game.

Therefore, We hope to see a DBZ style fast paced action game or atleast Tekken style fighting game. Whatever it would be, let’s keep our fingers crossed. We will keep you updated with any further news we get.

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