New Harry Potter Mobile game in development(2019)

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Hello to all the Potterheads out there! Take out your old cloaks from your magical suitcases, clean your wands and practice your magical spells which you learnt in HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY because you might need to use them.

 We are blessed to be born in the era of Harry Potter created by J.K. Rowling. After the last movie of HP franchise, Deathly Hallows Part-2 released in 2011, we fans got lost in our grieves that Harry Potter movies which we saw while growing up, has finally ended and with them our childhood ended too. But it was not the end, actually it was just the beginning of the magical universe created by J.K. Rowling.

In 2011, a harry potter prequel was released which was titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them and with that movie the magical universe rose once again. With the 2nd movie of Fantastic Beasts series released in 2018, there is so much more to come. We’ll be talking about it in this post.


On Nov 8, 2017 a new Harry Potter game was announced for android/ ios – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an upcoming free-to-playlocation-based augmented reality game inspired by the Wizarding World. The game is being developed by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic, and published by Niantic. It is expected to use augmented reality similar to Niantic’s previous release, Pokémon Go.

Players will be able to visit real-world locations while casting spells, discovering mysterious artifacts, and encountering iconic characters and legendary beasts from the Harry Potter universe. Niantic has revealed the game will draw inspiration from previous AR games Pokémon Go and Ingress. With Niantic’s purchase of Escher Reality, the game is expected to implement new technology to allow for persistent worlds within AR. On November 14, 2018, it was confirmed that the game will be released in 2019.

The game will allow players to fight against mythical beasts from both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises. Despite the release of two teasers by Niantic, there’s still no official trailer showing the actual gameplay of the game.

You can pre-register for the game by going to the official website of the game-

Other than this game, there are some other activities for the potterheads.

There is a website- which has amazing activites for the potterheads. You can take HP quizzes, learn in-depth about harry potter universe, get sorted in houses and find out your patronus. And it is completely free. 

So that’s all. Any news or trailers about this game along with other tech stuffs will be posted on our site. So make sure you subscribe to our website to ensure you get all the latest information.  

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