NASA’s remarkable achievements in 2018

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From travelling towards sun to crossing the solar system, here are some remarkable milestones achieved by NASA in 2018.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent body of the US Federal Govt. which deals with aerospace, aeronautics research and civil space programs. NASA’s foundation was laid on October 1, 1958 and the headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. NASA’s known well for their brilliance and perfection in space research and technology. As 2019 enters, here are some remarkable milestones achieved by NASA in year 2018.

1. Journey to the Sun with Parker Solar Probe

The Parker Solar Probe spacecraft made by NASA has aim of settling into the outer corona of the Sun. On August 12, 2018 the mission started to study the phenomenon, behavior and history of the Sun. Also, The probe has a size similar to a small car and will stay within 6.5 million kilometers range of the Sun’s surface.

2. Decommissioning of Kepler Space Telescope

NASA launched the Kepler space observatory on March 7, 2009 which decommissioned after 9 years of service. The aim was to explore and find Earth-like planets orbiting other stars.Also, It was named after a great astronomer Johannes Kepler. NASA decommissioned the probe on October 30, 2018 because it ran out of fuel.

3. Voyager 2 entered the interstellar space

NASA’s Voyager 2 with a magnificent success on Nov 2, 2018 entered the interstellar space leaving behind the solar system. It’s remarkable because it is the first time ever that a spacecraft travelled into the interstellar space. The mission of voyager 2 is to find “Aliens” or an “intelligent species” outside our solar system.

4. NASA’s insight lander made it to Mars

The insight lander launched by NASA successfully made it to the surface of the mars on November 26, 2018. The mission is to study the “Red Planet” as NASA is looking forward to a futuristic mission of colonizing Mars competing with SpaceX.

5. Saturn losing its rings

Saturn is the 6th(as we travel away from Sun) and 2nd biggest planet of our solar system. The thing that makes it different from other planets is the Rings around it. So, NASA on December 18, 2018 made a keen observation saying that Saturn will lose its rings within 300 million years. The Voyager spacecraft of NASA made the observation.

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