Mother of All Bombs VS Father of All Bombs, which one is more powerful?

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In the era of modernization, the world is slowly moving towards mass destruction with the development of some deadly weapons like MOAB and FOAB

During 20th century, the countries were racing each other for developing the most deadly weapons. During the WW2, countries like USA and Russia developed nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons are most destructive weapons till now.

But weapons other than those which produce nuclear radiation also exist. For years, both America and Russia raced each other to develop most destructive bombs other than the nuclear ones. With this, US made MOAB(GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast) came into existence.

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, also known as the Mother Of All Bombs was said to be the most destructive conventional(non-nuclear) bombs ever made . In 2003 the user trials of MOAB took place. For the first time, US dropped the MOAB on an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant tunnel complex in Afghanistan.

Specifications of MOAB :-

Blast Radius150 meters
Mass10,300 kilograms
CostUS $16 million per bomb
Guidance system usedGPS
TNT equivalent11,000 kilograms

after MOAB in the US arsenal, Russia entered the race with its deadliest bomb named Father Of All Bombs(FOAB). With FOAB, Russia claims it to be the most destructive conventional bomb, even better than the MOAB.

The blast radius of FOAB is double the MOAB. Also, it is almost half the size as compared to MOAB which makes it more deadlier because of its smaller size and larger impact. Russia claims FOAB to be 4 times more powerful as it can carry TNT equivalent to 44,000 kgs where else, MOAB can carry TNT equivalent to 11,000 kgs.

Russia successfully tested the bomb on Sept 11, 2011. Currently, Russian Air Force is using the FOAB.

Specifications of FOAB :-

Blast Radius300 meters
Mass7,100 kilograms
Guidance system usedGLONASS
TNT equivalent44,000 kilograms

This might be a pride to develop more powerful bombs like these, but we all know that one day, humanity may pay for it. The best way to avoid destruction, is to use these kind of weapons for defensive purposes rather than offensive.

Comment down the names of some of the deadliest bombs you know about.

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