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With huge development in the fields of AI, LG promises exciting new features in the fields of entertainment with Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor

The 8K OLED TV would promises finer picture quality with the increased number of pixels. Thus, helping each pixel deliver the complete information individually. The Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor runs this TV to produce a better picture and sound for the viewing audience.

Working of this processor depends on two AI capabilities. Which are, Deep Learning Technology for content enhancement and ambient recognition for content optimization. Using deep learning technology the proper distribution of sound and picture quality will be attained to give more realistic viewing experience. A very common example being that the voice of the coach in live match can now be properly heard in the crowd in a live match. The ambient recognition would help to automatically control the brightness of the screen on the basis of the light adjustments in the environment surrounding the TV. It also promises great gaming experience with reduced tearing.

They have also added Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay to their 2019 TVs which would make sharing of content easier.

The next best thing they introduced is the Rollable OLED TV. The Rollable OLED TV would redefine how the device would occupy space as the TV would roll out of the base as per the requirement of the viewer. When the screen is in the retracted position in the base the users could enjoy music or other audio content with the 100 Watt front-firing Dolby Atmos soundbar.

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