Kharagpur selects Hyderabad as its center for AI

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Kharagpur IIT has selected Hyderabad as its centre for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing.

This month, IIT Kharagpur announced the launch of an off-campus centre for AI in Hyderabad. The premier institute is working with the Telangana government for this and they will unveil it by March of this year.

Advanced Manufacturing refers to the use of the modern developments in technology to improve the quality of the products and also the procedure or the process through which the product is manufactured. The course is provided to offer an opportunity to the students for a continued study towards the positions of leadership in industry and academia and for continuing a technical education in more specialized areas.

It will provide students with an understanding of specific advanced and emerging manufacturing technologies and skills related to the implementation of these technologies in modern industrial procedures within both the global and local contexts. It is expected that all of the graduates from the program would be sufficiently competent to direct the design and implementation the technologies and processes adressed during the course.

This is another one of such initiatives started by IIT Kharagpur to develop their collaborative best in the field of AI within a year’s time. In April last year, the institute collaborated with Capillary Technologies Limited to unveil a Centre for Artificial Intelligence in the campus with a curriculum focus on deep learning from industry uses cases.


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