ISRO’s remarkable achievements in 2018

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With a growing list of ISRO’s achievements in recent years, let’s have a look on some remarkable achievements by ISRO in year 2018

The Cartosat satellite series

The Cartosat is an Indian, Earth observation series of satellites. ISRO has launched upto 8 Cartosat satellites till date. These satellites are Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2, Cartosat-2A, Cartosat-2B, Cartosat-2C, Cartosat-2D, Cartosat-2E, Cartosat-2F.

On January 12, ISRO launched the Cartosat-2F on its PSLV(Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle)-C40 rocket. Also, along with Cartosat-2F, the PSLV-C40 launched 30 other satellites belonging to India, USA, UK, Canada, France, Republic of Korea and Finland.


The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System(IRNSS), also named as NAVIC is a navigation satellite launched by ISRO on April 12. The satellite covers a region of 1,500 km(930 mi) including India of course, which may extend in future. The IRNSS-1I was launched with PSLV-C41 rocket.

Also, the specifications of IRNSS-1I are similar to the previously launched IRNSS-1A, IRNSS-1B, IRNSS-1C, IRNSS-1D, IRNSS-1E, IRNSS-1F and IRNSS-1G.


On September 16, ISRO launched two Earth observation satellites belonging to Britain’s Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, Sl-4 and NovaSAR.


On November 14, ISRO launched its one of the heaviest satellites “from India” named GSAT-29. The satellite weighs around 3,423 kilograms. GSAT-29 is an Indigenous multi-beam, multi-band communication satellite launched with the GSLV Mk lll rocket.


HysIS, known as Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite is an Earth observation satellite. The HysIS weighs around 380 kilograms.Therefore, the main aim of HysIS is to study Earth’s surface in the visible, near infrared and shortwave infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Also, the data will be accessible to the Indian Armed forces.


GSAT-11 is the heaviest satellite of ISRO. Though, it is an Indian communication satellite, the Ariane-5 VA-246 rocket on December 5, 2018 from Kourou launch base, French Guiana launched the satellite. The GSAT-11 weighs around 5,854 kilograms.


The ISRO made GSAT-7A is an advanced satellite focusing on the military communication purposes. Also, Indian Air Force and Indian Army will be the primary users of this satellite . GSAT-7A was launched with GSLV-Mk ll F-11 rocket. It weighs around 2,250 kilograms.

With this, ISRO is planning to launch at least one satellite per month i.e. 12 launches in a year. Also, ISRO is working on the Gaganyaan mission of human space flight by 2022.

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