iPhone XI Leaks(2019)- Specs,Release Date

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Recently, Apple’s Face ID Component Supplier AMS officially announced that they have developed technology which can easily drop the notch from iPhone and make iPhone a true Bezel less.

What AMS has developed?

AMS is an Austrian company which makes face ID components for IPhone and 45% sales of AMS comes from Apple.

AMS has developed some new types of proximity and ambient light sensors which use algorithms to operate in very low light, more accurately and faster. These new sensors will work from the Under OLED display, that mean iPhone’s notch may drop in near future.

What we may see in 2019 iPhone?

Two common things in all the iPhones are, they will come with iOS 13 and Apple’s A13 chipset. Apple may announce three iPhone models similar to 2018 iPhone models. Two are high end models and one was Midrange iPhone.

Second thing, 2019 iPhone models may not be equipped with 5G technology.

Apple may announce an iPhone model with Triple camera lens for 3D sensing and this year iPhone may record slow motion videos on the higher Resolutions.

Apple may drop 3D touch from 2019 iPhone models and add hap-tic touch, similar to iPhone XR.

This year iPhone models may remove Lightning port because they added type C in 2018 iPad pro, so this year iPhone may come with Type C port.

Most unexpectedly, Apple may redesign the iPhone, remove the notch and add punch hole technology similar to Samsung’s upcoming smartphones. But this is the most unexpected thing because Apple may not redesign iPhone till 2020.

Successor of iPhone XR?

There’s a very high possibility of releasing successor of iPhone XR. Apple Market value has declined last couple of days, they need to recover market value with lower end iPhone models. They sell much more iPhone XR than XS and XS max because XR is little bit cheaper than XS and XS max.

Bezels of iPhone XR may reduce a bit and probably, iPhone XR will with 1080p display panel will be launched.

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