iOS 13(2019): Awesome News for Apple Fans

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Apple begins the testing of iOS 13 for their devices.

Last year, The tech Giant Apple released its iOS 12 with very high refinements and smooth user experience. Also, Apple iOS 13 is a promised software update for their costumers with some amazing features. New iOS 13 would bring more features for both iPad and iPhone.

Some features which may come with iOS 13.

  • Most demanded thing is refreshing the home screen, last time Apple refresh the home screen in iOS 7.
  • A true dark mode, therefore it is one of the most demanded features in any Apple Device.
  • Revamp of Files app for them who wants high level productivity work.
  • Also, More and more machine learning in Siri. Last year Siri shortcuts was great but it wasn’t made Smarter.

Launch Time of iOS 13

Moreover, in the 1st and the 2nd week of June, Apple will announce the iOS 13 in WWDC and right after WWDC iOS 13 beta will be available for developers. Most probably, in September with the launch of iPhone XI Apple will officially announce iOS 13 for general public.

How many devices will get iOS 13?

If we see the history of Apple, even iPhone 5s which is 5-year-old device got the iOS 12 update. If this year Apple give iOS 13 to iPhone 5s then it will be very surprising.

List of Devices that will get iOS 13.

–iPhone XS

–iPhone XS Max

–iPhone XR

–iPhone 8

–iPhone 8 +

–iPhone 7

–iPhone 7+

–iPhone 6s

–iPhone 6s+

–iPhone SE

–iPhone 6

–iPhone 6+

–iPhone 5S (not sure)

–iPad Air

–iPad Air 2

–iPad 2017

–iPad 2018

–iPad mini 2

–iPad mini 3

–iPad mini 4

–iPad pro (9.7 inch)

–iPad pro (10.5 inch)

–iPad pro (11 inch)

–iPad pro (12.9 inch) 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen

–iPod touch 6th gen

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