iMessage Rumored To Launch On Android

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Seven years ago, in 2011 Cupertino based tech giant launched a messaging service for their iOS and mac OS users iMessage.

iMessage is one of the best messaging service in the world which is provided by Apple to their customers. Most of people doesn’t give up their iPhones because they love iMessage and they use it regularly. Also, iMessage has become a part of life for most of iOS users. But in the early 2019, some rumors indicating that Apple may launch iMessage service for Android Operating system.

If this is true, then why Apple is doing all this?

One thing is very clear that Apple wants to come in service providing sectors. Last two or three days some major TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, SONY and Vizio launch their TVs with the support of Airplay 2. Apple Home kit and Samsung becomes the first manufacturer to use iTunes in their 2019 TV Models. With all this, Apple confirms to their Airplay website. But now a very strong rumour says that Apple will launch iMessage application for Android because Apple is working on implementing RCS (Rich Communication services) to their iMessage platform. Apple is continuously engaged with GSMA (Global system for mobile communications) for implementation of RCS in iOS.

Will Apple launch it?

Google already supports RCS in their messaging app and GSMA and its operator partners are continuously forcing and putting pressure on Apple to join RCS. If Apple joins RCS, then near future we will be able to send iMessage from iOS to android and vice versa.

What will be the effects on Market?

If Apple allows others to use their native iMessage service then it would be an alarming situation for WhatsApp. Google tried to compete with WhatsApp to its Allo messaging application, but Google’s Allo badly flopped against WhatsApp. Apple’s iMessage service is very popular worldwide and most of iOS users doesn’t leave their iPhone because they love iMessage and it has very great and popular emoji options like Memoji and Animoji’s. if iMessage launch for android then iMessage easily make space in messaging Industry and easily compete with WhatsApp.

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