Hyundai’s new safety solution for drivers with hearing impairment

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Recently, the company announced that currently 300,000 people in South Korea have some type of hearing impairment. Due to this factor these people are forced to take jobs that don’t have driving as an essential part.

This solution was revealed in Seoul, South Korea. The technology will analyze the sounds inside and outside the car. This sound will convert into visual-tactile information using HUDs and vibrations.

About the Solution

The technology behind this depends on two conversion methodologies i.e. AVC (Audio Visual Conversion) and the ATC (Audio Tactile conversion) which are linked with the AI. The AI identifies the different sounds from outside and produces the data to the system which then converts that information into visual form using symbols on the HUD and by creating vibrations on the steering wheel.

Different types of sounds have different symbols and the Audio Visual Conversion mechanism recognizes all of them. The sounds would be differentiated and the information would be generated, accordingly. LEDs are also installed on both sides of the steering wheel to make the warnings easier to notice. The LEDs change color according to the sound and symbol, and also tells about the direction it’s coming from.

As for the Audio Tactical Conversion, vibrations would be created on the steering wheels to provide the information. A simple example would be, if you are parking and get too close to the wall the steering will start vibrating and it will increase as you get even closer.

Hyundai made a documentary called “The Quiet Taxi”, that shows this technology in action.

A change in life

Hard of hearing people rely on their eyesight more but solely relying on their eyes while driving causes a lot of fatigue. Hyundai’s technology helps people to understand road traffic better and drive safer while putting a lesser strain on their senses.

It might have taken some time to develop this technology but Hyndai finally did it and it is proving to be a game changer in the world of hard of hearing people, as they can feel more safer while driving and also enjoy the experience.

No information regrading whether this development would be available in the present vehicles has not been produced. Also, there is no information regarding when this development would be made available.

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