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How to stay safe in the online world?

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Maintaining a distance from hackers isn’t a tough task to do. There might be n number of ways, which might help you to remain safe in the online world but each one of them can’t guarantee your safety. We have summed up a list of 5 ways, or you can even call them precautions, that a user must follow. Using these methods, you can easily maintain a safe distance from any person who might have an intention of causing harm to your privacy, fame, business, reputation in this online world.

Use 2-factor authentication

Safe with Dual Authentication

Wherever you get an option to secure your account, or any personal data via 2-factor authentication, never say no to it. 2-factor authentication is like an extra layer of security which is not easy for any hacker/cracker to bypass. Even major tech giants, provide this security feature to every account holder on their website, including Facebook and Google (gmail). Generally, an OTP is used as a security measure in the second layer of authentication.

Security Updates

Stay safe with Security Updates

Never ever say no to Security Updates that a company provides you for their software, rather it be a freeware or paid software. Always stay updated. These updates are generally provided when the company gets notified about any ongoing vulnerability with their software. In order to keep the user safe, these updates are provided. Example: Microsoft provides security updates as soon as any vulnerability arises.

Be smart while setting passwords on different websites

Stay safe with Strong Password

If you want to be safe, show some smartness while setting up a password online. We hope, you already know, how to setup a strong password bla bla bla. But what our personal experience says is, apart from maintaining a strong password, there are some areas where normal users compromise. First, never maintain one password for different accounts online. Second, never save your passwords in browser, i.e don’t click on “Remember password”, which the browser prompts, once you enter your details. Third person can easily view it any time with the help of “Inspect Element” method, or by accessing saved password’s list in browser’s settings. And in case you use a public computer, chances are that your details have already been compromised!

Say No to Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi, not safe

Public Wi-Fis’ resemble a rat trap. The user will not generally say, no to free internet, where user acts like the rat and internet acts like cheese which is the actual bait. Most attackers setup open wi-fi networks so that normal users use it and then they can easily hinder their privacy. To prevent this situation, turn off the “Connect Automatically” option in your wi-fi settings.

Prevent installing adwares

Say no to Adwares to be safe

Never install softwares from unknown/untrusted websites. There are chances that an adware is stuck with the software you have just downloaded. Adwares are malicious programs that remain hidden in the system and display ads occasionally. Some adwares can even be more harmful. They might monitor your details and might also transmit them to any third person.

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