How To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

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It has been 3 years since the Windows 10 released but still many users complaining about its low performance. There are two ways to speed up Windows 10 performance with the help of hardware and software. Here are some tips to increase performance of Windows 10.

1. Upgrade to SSD

If you are facing 100% Disk Usage without even launching anything then you should Move to SSD from HDD. SSD have more read and write speed as compare to the Hard disk, speed of hard disk can be measure by its RPM (Round Per Minute). Most of the hard drives have 5200 or 7200 RPM which is not enough now. SSD divide into 2 sections SATA and NVMe SSD, NVMe SSD are faster and more expensive than Normal SATA SSD but the performance you can get with the NVMe SSD will blow your mind.

Even if you have i7 but don’t have SSD then you will never know how much capable your PC is, SSD can also decrease start-up time of your PC or laptop.

2. Start-up services

It is those services which is start when user turn on his/her PC, it can impact boot-up time of a system. User can enable or disable apps from start-up anytime.

Go to “Task manager”>Now Click On 4th tab “Start-up” and you can enable or disable any services you want. Apps Like uTorrent should be disable from start-up it will helps to decrease your BOOT Time.

3. Disk Defragment

If your PC is running very slow and disk is always more than 80% then you should try Disk Defragmenter, it will optimize your drives to help your computer run more efficiently by analyzing the disk. You can also set schedule so it will automatically analyse your disk and optimize it if needed.

4. Disk Clean-up

Disk Clean-up helps to speed up application load time and it will also improve responsiveness of application. It will remove cache & other temporary files which is no longer needed. Its main purpose is to free some space on a selected disk.

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