How to add subtitles in iPhone and iPad- Step-by-step guide

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Steve jobs announced the launch of iPhone in 2007. And year after year iPhone was nothing more than just a phone with basic needs like call dialling, SMS etc. After the huge development in iPhone, it became part of entertainment and people are now spending their most of time on iPhone watching movies, playing games and many other activities.

Watching movies on Apple devices has become more popular because people doesn’t need to carry TV with them. The iPhone and iPad are mobile devices so, people can easily carry them. But there are lots of people who needs subtitles while watching a movie.

How to add subtitles in any movie and in any language?

Here are some very easy steps which you can follow and add subtitles to your Movie in any language. Firstly, you will have to download an Application from Apple App Store called “nplayer lite”. This is free a version (of course you can download the paid version).

Click here to download “nplay lite”.

1- Open nplayer lite app which is available on Apple App Store.

2- Select your Movie.

3- Open the Movie.

4- Play Movie and select settings.

5- Now go to subtitles tab and select Add subtitles option.

6- Now a new window of subtitles will open and here you can choose your subtitles. If you want offline subtitles then download it, then add there and another option is available too for online.

7- Here you can choose your language preference.

These are some steps to add subtitles to your movie and watch your favorite movies with better understanding in your own language.


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