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Yesterday Google announced something crazy in GDC 2019. #Stadia Google’s gaming platform.

A project of gamers all across the globe. A service which lets you allow play 4k 60FPS games streamed right to your browser. No need for any hardware acceleration, no need to download the game at all and the developer team working on streaming 8K games very soon… 

This project comes with a gaming controller #madeByGoogle for #gamers.
Stadia will run on Linux OS and an open Graphics API “Vulkan”. 

PS4 Pro STADIA Xbox One X 
4.2 10.7 6.0 

They partnered with AMD for accelerating GPU and creating a custom CPU for the best highest possible streaming and gaming experience, And two most powerful game development engine Unreal Engine and Unity for full support in their development community.  

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They introduced the Google’s new hardware called “Stadia controller”. It allows you to access the full stadia experience. This device connects directly to the Google’s data center, it identifies and connects you directly to the device you want to play on. Devices like your Laptop, Tablet, your PC and even your mobile one controller for all the devices. 

Google Stadia Controller

It also has some new features than a regular gaming controller. A capture button let you save your gaming experience out from the browser.  
And a Google assistant button for accessing the special in-game features of the game integrated by developers. 

Player can Easily share the current state of the game by creating a link of the screenshot taken telling stadia where to pick up. You can share your experience wherever you want or where a link can be shared.  

It allows playing game across platforms and by managing game saves in progression across as well. 

They will launch this program in 2019 and firstly for some limited countries like US, UK, Canada and most of Europe. Further details they will announce at their summer event. 

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