Google New Search Engine – Project Dragonfly

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Google is known to be the number One Search Engine all over the world. It is the most used search engine right now and works according to the Spider Crawling Algorithm. Google is handling almost 3 Billion queries per day. Google is No.1 site Globally according to the Alexa Rank.

So, Why There Is New Search Engine?

We all know that Google can handle any query we throw at it and shows the best possible result, then what is the need of new search engine? Well Google is banned in China since 2010 and the number of Internet Users in China is huge. The govt. of China banned Google search engine as it didn’t work according to their policy. Baidu is used in China in as a replacement of Google search engine.

Project Dragonfly

Project Dragonfly is the new search engine by Google to capture the Internet market of china. Project Dragonfly will work according to the policy of govt. of China and still it is in prototype stage, but the employees of google are not in favour to develop the search engine that works according to others policy, then why Google wants to develop Dragonfly? The number of Internet users in China is over 700 million and we all know that google generates its revenue with advertisements.

Baidu is making a profit of almost 4-6 Billion Dollars, Sogou search engine is also famous in China. China have plans to open the door of Baidu and Sogou to enter into market of South east Asia, South Asia and India to compete with Google. Google is very confused about project Dragonfly because employees of google are not in favour of it. Rest the time will tell if Google chooses revenue over its values.

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