Google Flutter: Future of Programming

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Google Flutter is a free and open-source SDK (Software Development kit) which is used to develop high performance Android and iOS application.

Use of Flutter

Flutter allows the developers to build native apps on iOS and Android from a single Code. It provides lots of widgets to build native apps. The main aim of Google Flutter is to provide flexibility to programmers and developers so that they can develop better apps in minimum possible time.

Is it different than Facebook React Native?

Well the concept of both Google Flutter and Facebook React Native is more or less is same. They are both used to develop iOS and Android apps with a single Codebase but here the main difference is React Native uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript and Flutter uses DART programming language. DART also uses a lot of CSS part. The main focus of DART is to use HTML and CSS to build User Interface.

High Performance

Flutter delivers very high performance as it is based on C++ base engine. The best thing about Flutter is that the developers don’t need to re-compile the code every time when he/she make some changes in code. It also provides smooth scrolling and support of different types of fonts on both Android and iOS.

Developing iOS Apps on Linux and Windows

Flutter is like a golden chance for those developers who are using Linux and Windows Operating System as they don’t need to purchase MacBook or iMac to develop iOS apps. It means, developers can make iOS apps in less investment as MacBook and iMac are very expensive.

Google Ads, Alibaba, Google Greentea and Tencent’s video streaming services are developed using Flutter.

The latest version of Flutter is 1.0. Flutter is going through some really tough competition as Facebook React Native is already very famous. So, what do you think about Google Flutter tell us in the comments below.

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