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Fuchsia OS is the future!

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Here’s why

It has been a decade since the Android has been released. Android OS has always dominated the smartphone industry. It already comprises 75% of market share. Even after such powerful dominance, here’s why google is working on new OS – Fuchsia.

Cross Platform

Unlike android, Fuchsia is designed to run on every device including personal computers, smart devices, wearable devices, cars etc. Thus, it will help in better and seamless integration across all the devices.

Improved Kernel

Android is based on Linux kernel whereas Fuchsia is based on new and improved micro kernel named Zircon. It allows to add least amount of dependencies.

Consistent Updates

Android has always been criticized for lack of updates. Google doesn’t control the upgrading policy of non-pixel devices. Thus, it has left millions of devices with older version of android.

Fuchsia will target this problem and provide constant updates for years.

Better AI Capabilities

Google is an all-rounder when comes to Artificial Intelligence and is clearly visible in latest Android version which have features like AI battery optimization, portrait mode with single camera etc. Fuchsia OS will completely focus on AI from its core. It will help in better user interaction and more efficient system.

Seamless App Design

Google recently rolled out an update on Chrome OS that allows users to use android apps on Chrome OS but the experience is not very pleasing because of non-optimized app design.

Fuchsia in contrast, will have seamless app design across all the devices.

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