Fortnite streamer buys Tesla car after Elon Musk responds to his tweet

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Fortnite player buys tesla car after Elon musk replies his tweet complaining Musk for better Internet

Imagine yourself tweeting again and again in hope to get the attention of your favorite celebrity. And what if your favorite celebrity responds to your tweet? you will jump out of your bed for sure!

This is what happened with Turner Tenney, a famous streaming gamer, also one of the biggest gaming and social media celebrities online. Turner tweeted to Elon Musk asking if he could help him get better Internet to which Musk replies with “Yes”.

After his reply, Musk’s “Yes” got over 75,000 likes and over 5900 retweets.
Therefore, thrilled with the response on his tweet by Musk, Tfue pledged to buy a Tesla in another tweet.

Initially, people thought it was all just a sham but few months later, on January 15, Tfue uploaded a pic of him with the tesla car he has bought.

But wait, this isn’t the full story yet. After buying the Tesla car, Tfue asked Musk if he had any spare unusable first stage rockets lying around, that he could buy for his warehouse.

Elon Musk hasn’t replied to this tweet, it is yet to see what happens next. Though the internet will get a storm if Musk again replies with a “Yes”.

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