First B.Tech course in AI in India

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IIT Hyderabad has launched a B.Tech course in Artificial Intelligence

The course will be provided for around 20 students. And the admission will be on the basis of the JEE-Advanced score, beginning from the upcoming academic year. The institute already has an M.Tech course in Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning.

Also, taught by the department of AI, the course will consist of a study of algorithms from the computer science department, signal processing from the electrical engineering department, robotics from mechanical engineering department and mathematical foundations. Moreover, it will be the first Indian Educational Institution to provide such a programme in AI. And probably the third institute globally, after Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), both of which have such a programme.

The course will also look at applications such as smart mobility, healthcare, agriculture, amongst others. The programme also aims to enable students to become leaders in the industry and academia nationally and internationally. And meet the pressing demands of the nation in the areas of AI and Machine Learning.

At at the same time, the ethical impact of AI and its technologies on areas such as privacy, bias and related issues will also be a key component of this B Tech program, according to the institute.

IIT Hyderabad’s Department of Liberal Arts in collaboration with faculty from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering has also launched a minor in ‘AI and Humanity.’

The Institute also said the mission of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, IIT Hyderabad, is to produce students with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Therefore, it is envisaged that students graduating from these programs will apply their training to become leaders in the industry and academia. And contribute in building a better future for India and the world.

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