Facebook Again Lands In TROUBLE

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Facebook Accused Of Tracking Non-Users

As per a report presented by Privacy International at 35C3 hacking conference held in Germany, Facebook uses its Business Tools to receive information about a user, rather it be a normal Facebook user, non-user, or a logged-out user. Various android apps installed on the user’s device helps to transmit such information to Facebook. Also, App Developers share data through the Facebook SDK (a collection of software used for developing applications for a specific OS).

It is noticed that AAID(Google Advertising ID) was brought to transmit data and share it with Facebook. Also, The primary purpose of AAID is to allow advertisers to gather user’s behavior from various apps and browsers and keep a comprehensive detail of the same. This information can reveal the actual behavior of the user in real life.

Apps tested by privacy international :

Privacy International tested a bunch of apps, including “Qibla Connect” (a Muslim prayer app), “Period Tracker Clue” (a women’s period tracker app), “Indeed” (a job search app), “My Talking Tom” (a children’s fun app). Gathering information from such apps will reveal, information of the user, and at times might also reveal some sensitive information. They also tested an app named “KAYAK”, which helps the user to compare flight and hotel deals and book them. Basically, this app allows the user to book their whole trip. This app was also found transmitting information to Facebook. Imagine someone knowing all the details of where you are going, on what date, leaving at what time, travelling through which airlines, staying at which hotel while on trip, this could be a big issue!

Around 61% of the apps tested by Privacy International, transmits data to Facebook, as soon as the user opens the app. Though Facebook has not replied anything in contrast to this report, but it is an evident from the past that Facebook somehow manages to get information about its user and sometimes it is sensitive and private to the user.

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