Facebook & Instagram Rolling out “Your Activity” Dashboard

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Instagram is coming up with “Your Activity” dashboard so that user can manage their time efficiently.

On 1st August 2018, Facebook and Instagram announced their new tool called “an activity dashboard” to help people manage their time.  Its main aim is to give more control to the user over the time they spend on Facebook and Instagram.

How to access the Activity Dashboard:


Go to the settings & Privacy.

Click on Your time on Facebook.


Go to your profile.

Click on your profile pic on the bottom right side of the app.

Now tap “Your Activity”.

It shows you total time you have spent in last 7 days, along with Daily Average time spent.

You can also set daily time limit on both apps. If you cross the daily time limit it will notify you via notification.

We think this new feature will help people to become less addictive on the social media side so they can focus more on their actual life. Social Media is good until you are not lost in a maze of addiction on these platforms.

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