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With the advancement of technology in today’s era, heavy militarization is also taking place, leading to weapons like railgun

In 20th century, the world saw some of the darkest days of mankind. With no doubt, the reasons were WW1, WW2 and somewhere the Cold war. During the World war, heavy militarization took place which changed the field of weapon technology forever.

During the world war days, the countries were racing each other to create dominance over each other by using destructive weapons. Countries like Germany, USSR(today’s Russia) and the USA, etc. started developing weapons with capabilities of mass destruction. Therefore, Nuclear bomb came to existence which is the most destructive weapon in humanity till now.

With the non-stop modernization of technology, we can now expect weapons known to be the “Future Weapons“. One of the best examples is a Railgun.

What is a Railgun and how does it works?

A railgun is a weapon which uses electromagnetic waves to launch projectiles with very high velocity. The electromagnetic waves replaces the explosive chemical propellants used in artillery guns. Railguns can easily launch a projective with a velocity of 3km/s whereas, artillery guns can has a launching velocity of 2km/s. Basically, it is made up of 3 elements containing a power source, a pair of parallel rails and a moving armature.

The power source provides the required electricity to the weapon. The pair of parallel rails are are basically two parallel rods having positive and negative charge that provides the electromagnetic push. And the moving armature is a component that launches the projectile. The projectile experiences a force which is the Lorentz Force.

Therefore, USA, Russia and China are rapidly developing this technology. Also, a Chinese warship was seen to have a railgun installed on it recently. After some leaked images, people are discussing various theories if Chinese Navy is after something big.

Therefore, a railgun is a powerful weapon which may replace artillery guns in the coming future.

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