All Emoji/Smileys Meanings- Everything You Should Know(2019)

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Hey! today we are going to discuss about our unsung heroes, Emojis. The reason we’re referring them as heroes, we’ll reveal that later in the article. Firstly, let’s learn about Emojis and how they came into existence.


The first emoji was created in 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita. He was part of the team working on NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile Internet platform. Kurita took inspiration from weather forecasts that used symbols to show weather🌞, Chinese characters and street signs🚷, and from manga that used stock symbols to express emotions, such as lightbulbs💡 signifying inspiration.


In this era of high-end smartphones and tablets, with continuous advancements and changes in technology, something that can never be replaced are emojis. Also, In early ages humans used to draw symbols and write on walls to communicate with each other and as they say history repeats itself, we again have started communicating with symbols which are now called emojis. Emojis are hugely used during chats to show our emotions or reactions to other person’s message.


Now here’s a fun thing that we can notice in our daily lives. Different types of people use different emojis to react to the same thing. Also, you can even study the recently used emojis of a person (if by chance you can get your hands on his or her phone) to know various things about the person. Like most of us use whatsapp for chatting, if we go through the recent emojis section of a person’s whatsapp account we can even find out if the person is in relationship or not. It is because the choice of emojis also depends on the people we chat to.

We went through the recent emojis of some of our friends. Few of them were boys and girls in relationship, few were single individuals and we found out some interesting things. We found out that not just the relationship status but by studying the recent emojis we can even guess if the person is male or female.

Lets take an example, in the recent emojis of our first friend, some of the most used emojis were- 

 🤣, 😈, 🤘, 🖕, 😂, 😎, 🤬. I think we all can guess, these are the emojis mostly used by single male person.

😱, 😍, 💋, 😘, 😭, 😱, 🤭, 🤗, 🙈. These are cute emojis or emojis that show slight love, so can you guess who uses these emojis? Yes, a girl. Research shows that even while chatting, girls tend to show more set of emotions as compared to boys.

💏, 😍, 💘, ❤, 🌹, 💓, 😘, 😉, ♥ ,💋.  These emojis clearly show love. These are some of the emojis that people send to their better halves. If you find these type of emojis in your friend’s recent emojis, then you know the reason why they started giving so slow replies to your messages even though your friend is always online.


Now, this is a topic that most of the people don’t talk about, but it is surely worth giving attention to. There are a lot of emojis in our chatting apps that whose actual meaning people don’t understand and think of it in some other way.

For example-

 💁‍♀    The girl is iconically represented in the Apple emoji artwork as a girl holding out her hand as if she were a waitress carrying an invisible tray of drinks,’ according to Emojipedia. Most people think the girl flicking her hair is used to represent sassiness. In fact, this ‘information desk person’ emoji was initially created to represent a person at an information desk providing people with answers to their questions.

💩         People used to think for a long time that it is an ice cream emoji, but actually it is a Poo (shit) emoji.

👹     Often used to show anger, an evil mask or the devil, this emoji actually represents a Japanese Ogre called Namahage in Japanese folklore that wards off evil spirits from homes.

💫       Often confused with a shooting star, the ‘dizzy’ emoji is used to represent the symbol in comics, which indicated a person is dizzy.

👯‍♀     Meant to represent the Bunny Girl, a symbol used in Japan associated with sex appeal, the women with bunny ears are more commonly used to show excitement and happiness.

EMOJIS MISUSED(Naughty Conversations)

Moreover, there are some creative people who make innocent emojis convey naughty messages. You’ll need a dirty mind to understand the meaning behind using such emojis. See for yourself-

🍆, 🥕, 👅, 💦, ✊🏻, 👌🏻👈🏻,🤙🏻,💄. I don’t think I need to tell you the real sense in which they are used during naughty chats, you guys are smart enough to guess 😉.


Even though the Unicode used to create an emoji is same worldwide but on different apps like Telegram you can select high quality variants of a simple emoji. To do that, you just have to select an emoji and different variants of that emoji will pop up. To be more accurate, these high quality variants are called stickers.


Nowadays in iphones and some other phone brands we get a feature to record our message using an emoji. The face sensor detects our face and lips movement to sync with the emoji and it makes some kind of a dancing emoji or animated emoji.


Now you can create your own emoji using your pics. There are different apps and websites available that can convert your face to emoji. For ex-


In the wide sea of emojis, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to find that perfect emoji. Just scrolling through all the emojis can get very time consuming and waste of efforts. Instead of that you can just search the type of emoji you’re looking for in the emoji search bar in whatsapp or google keyboard or other apps. It will show you all the emojis of that type and narrow down your search. Then you can select your emoji and send it.


Even though emojis are not going out of fashion for a long time but there is of course something better to show your reactions- Gifs. Moreover, Gifs are the motion images that contains some frames of images that together look like a short replayable video with no sound. Now we have the option to search for Gifs too on google keyboard and other apps and trust me it’s really fun.


In the beginning of this article we referred to emojis as unsung heroes. Now let us tell you why.


We all come across a person in our daily social life who keeps texting us and we don’t want to waste our efforts in typing to reply. So, just reply using emojis because It’s quick, takes very less efforts and doesn’t portray you as rude.


It happens often that we run out of topics while chatting to our favourite person so instead of just ending the chat you can simply start playing the emoji game. Send random funny emoji, the other person will reply to it using other emoji. In case you are chatting with you lovey dovey, you guys can just keep on sending hearts to each other, that works too.


This one is really important as not using emojis while chatting may cause serious misunderstanding issues. If you’re in a relationship and talking with your Boo and said something witty in a fun way but without emojis, the person may think you have said that in a serious tone and it can cause serious trouble to you.  Sometimes if your partner is talking about something serious but without emojis and you interpret it as a joke and start laughing then bro you have invited a bull towards you and be ready to say sorry.

So, if you want your message to be understood in the same way as it is supposed to be then send it with some matching emojis.


If you’re chatting with your good friend or even girlfriend or a person who you know very well, you can guess what mood the person is in by the type of emojis he is sending. In serious cases, if a person is really depressed he will not use any emojis. So if you know that your friend is very lively and full of life but suddenly he stopped using emojis then something is surely wrong. Talk to the person and find out his problem and try to help him.


So, in the end all we can say is, emojis are very useful and makes the chatting fun and juicy. They help us express our true-selves. Even if you’re a shy person in nature and doesn’t laugh out loud, you can express yourself using emojis in chat.

To highlight the importance of Emojis, a special day is also dedicated for it. Every year, 17 July is celebrated as WORLD EMOJI DAY. This date is chosen because on the calendar icon, 17 july is the date that is commonly used everywhere.

So, tell us what you think. Share with us the emojis which you use the most or like the most.

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