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7 Steps to download any video from Facebook-PC

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Hello guys. Today I am going to show you a very simple way to download any video from Facebook (PC Version). You don’t need to download any software or plugin to complete this task. Downloading unnecessary software for such a simple task is a waste of time and effort. The process I am going to tell you, just require a minute, and the video gets downloaded on your system. I will tell you a keyword which directly points to the exact URL of your desired video, which you can find in the Source code page. So here are these 7 steps which will guide you :

Step 1

Choose any video from your Facebook feed that you want to download. I am going to download Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Teaser Trailer | English trailer in this tutorial.

Step 2

Right click on the video and choose Copy video URL at current time.

Right click on video on facebook
Copy the URL of the desired video

Step 3

Open Chrome in incognito mode and open the video page by pasting the copied URL in the address bar.

Step 4

Right click anywhere on the web-page you just opened and select View page source or you can simply press Ctrl+U from your keyboard. This will open a new tab with the source code of the web-page.

Right click on video on facebook to view page source
Select View page source of the video page

Step 5

On the Source Code page, go to the three dots option located just below the Close window button of your browser, and select Find option. Or you can simply select Ctrl+F option.

Find a keyword in the source page
Select Find option to find the keyword

Step 6

Type hd_src in the Find dialog box and only one result will appear. Copy the URL/code corresponding to the hd_src keyword, which is in between the double inverted comas.

find hd_src keyword in page source
Copy the actual URL of the video

Step 7

Paste the copied code in a new tab and hit enter. This will play the video you chose to download. Now simply right click and select Save video as or Ctrl+S to save the video on your system.

Right click on video on facebook to save video
Save the video to your system

Ta-Da, it was simple, wasn’t it?

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