Does Elon Musk use iPhone or Android?

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Here’s everything you need to know about Elon Musk and his phone

Elon Reeve Musk, a tech genius known for his remarkable achievements in science & technology. Musk is mainly known as the CEO of Tesla, Neuralink and SpaceX. Therefore, being one of the most famous personalities around the globe, he is always surrounded by his fans and stalkers.

Many people still wonder what phone does a tech genius like Elon Musk prefers to use. Well, on June 19, 2017 Musk revealed in a tweet about his phone.

Elon Musk on iphone

Recently ,during an hour-long interview with Recode‘s Kara Swisher, Musk shared his thoughts on the iphone. Musk told that he uses an iphone, to which he also added that Apple doesn’t ‘blow people’s minds’ anymore.

“There’s not many products you can buy that really make you happier. And so Apple did that for a long time, I still think, obviously, that Apple makes great phones. I still use an iPhone and everything. But Apple used to really bring out products that would blow people’s minds, you know?. And still make great products, but there’s less of that.”

Also, Musk added “I don’t think people are necessarily running to the store for the iPhone 11. But I think with Tesla, we really want to make products that people just love, that are heart-stopping” pinning it as a product which is less exciting than the cars Tesla is building right now.

Also, pointing to Apple’s rumored under development electric car, Musk says that it is an “open secret” that Apple is developing a rival electric car of its own.

In an exclusive interview to the BBC, Elon Musk said the Apple had hired more than a thousand automobile engineers including ex-Tesla workers, but he said he did not view the company as a threat.

Well, it seems clear that presently Musk owns an iphone but he doesn’t look sure about Apple’s bright future.


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