Chrome dark mode is coming soon for Windows 10 and Mac OS

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Google is working on a dark theme for Chrome browser on Windows 10 and Mac OS and it appears to be coming sooner than expected. It’s currently in testing in the latest Canary development builds of Chrome. Google’s browser appears to enable dark mode by default, picking up your system settings on mac OS and Windows.

Dark mode has slowly been making its way to various Google service and will be a big highlight of the upcoming Android Q release. Google last year added an experimental feature to Chrome Canary that allowed users to manually enable dark mode. Earlier today, Google started rolling out a new update to its Chrome Canary browser on Windows 10 and it adds support for the dark theme.

If you enable system-wide dark theme in Windows 10 from Settings > Personalization > Colours, Chrome will automatically switch to the dark theme to match the look. For example, choosing the dark theme will keep Chrome dark as well.

Same in MacOS if you choose dark appearance than Chrome will automatically switch to dark theme.

The dark theme will not change the websites, but it will turn header, settings, new tab, downloads and other User Interface elements.

As this is the experimental feature and currently live in Canary version which Google uses as a development branch to test out new features. There could be bugs in UI and stability issues.

It may take a month or two to be available in stable version. You can test out early preview from Chrome canary official site.

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