CES 2019: Apple Update[iTunes, Airplay 2]

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CES 2019 has been started and there are really big announcements taking place, but the one which is most shocking and weird.

Samsung announced, they are going to add Airplay 2 for their 2019 TVs. In fact, Samsung is the first company which will use itunes on their 2019 TV Models.

LG, Sony and vizio are also adding Airplay 2 support for their TVs.

All the Samsung, LG, SONY and vizio are going to support Airplay 2 to their smart TVs. That means, now the iOS users can control their TVs from iPhone and Siri. This is a very big deal for TV manufacturers because they cannot add Airplay with their own. Also, Apple announced this Airplay 2 support from their official Airplay webpage.

But the most important thing is, why Apple did this?

Apple’s Market value has been declined poorly in last couple of days because of trade war and slow iPhone sales in China. Then Apple came in the service providing industry. Recently Apple gave its Airplay 2 support to another manufacturers. This is a new rumor that iMessage service may launch in near future for Android. Apple launched the Music app for Android late 2015. This whole thing is indicating that Apple wants to enter the service industry and wants to find another way to make Money in near future.

Effect on users.

This is the very great step taken by Apple and through this step, users would now be able to control their TVs from iPhone, iPad and Siri. Also, they’ll be able to mirror their iOS and MacOS devices to their TVs without any cable.

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