Best YouTube channels to learn Programming(2019)

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There are several YouTube channels based on teaching different programming languages, but not everyone is good at teaching. 

Here are some of the best picked channels based on our own experience on the internet, which are good at teaching programming languages and sharing their expertise.

Travercy Media

This guy named as Brad Travercy is good at creating content such as web Development and programming

In this channel, he mostly covers the complete front-end and back-end programming languages and frameworks which you may require to create a complete website or to become a full-stack developer.  

Also, he covers languages like Node JS, Angular 2, React JS, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, NoSQL and many more.


The guy behind this channel is Asbjørn Thirslund and he is good at Game development. In his classes he uses languages such as C# and JavaScript to create some amazing games using unity game development kit. 

In his videos, he will guide you on how to be a good Game developer from the basics and show u the proper path. 


Well, this guy has not uploaded any video from a while, but the existing content on his channel is enough to learn because he has already created more than 4300 videos based on programming in different areas. 

If you are a beginner or just stepped into the world of programming, you should definitely go for his content. In this channel you can learn almost everything.  
From a Beginner Programmer to a Master in Web Development, Game Development, Graphic Designing and Networking

Derek Banas

This gentleman loves to create videos based on programming, so he make videos in a smooth manner. Therefore, he sometimes creates a crash course or a normal playlist. 

He creates content for C++C#Web DevelopmentJavaScript
Django (Python’s web dev. framework), PythonXMLAndroid
and much more.


Here, we introduce you Mr. Vikas Pandey. For those Indians who face problems in English language at the beginning, this guy creates content in Hindi. Vikas is a really good content creator from India.  

He teaches CC++Data Structures , Java Development with all the Programming concepts. 

Also, some more good channels to guide you in programming are mentioned below : 

Comment down below some of your favorite channels that you think provides the best content on youtube to learn programming.

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