10 Best time killing android apps in 2019

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Hey guys if you’ve been following our site and reading our posts you must have got a lot of knowledge about tech by now. We keep you up to date with all the tech related information which will surely help you in future. We ensure that you’re investing your time at the right place. But what about your free time. What to do when you’re free and has nothing new to do or just want to kill your time while waiting for someone. We have the solution, today we bring you a list of best apps to kill your free time. So let’s get started.

1. TikTok

Most of you guys must be familiar with this app but for those who don’t know about it let me tell you, earlier it was known as Musical.ly. If you like acting and dancing, this app is for you. You can create your short videos using this app with popular filters and songs and share them with your friends. This app already has millions of users and still counting. There are many alternatives of this app that you can also try. LIKE app is one of them.

2. Candy Crush

Candy crush is a very simple yet popular mobile game. With cute sound effects and simple gameplay, this game has become one of the most downloaded games on playstore. There are different types of candies which you have to match in the set of atleast 3 or more to make them all disappear. It’s a fun game and has so many levels to play, asif it is almost never ending. You can never get bored of this, and person of any gender or age group can easily play this game.

3. Hill Climb Racing

It’s a 2-d driving game with fun dynamics and amazing Gameplay. You are in a buggy( and other fun vehicles) and you have to keep driving on different areas like beach, mountains etc, gathering coins and fuel without tripping and getting knocked off your vehicle or empty fueled. Your aim is to go as far as u can and create new records. The game is even more interesting than it sounds. It seems easy but it is challenging.

4. Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds(PUBG)

This game has come like a storm and blew away all the other games. It is the most played android game nowadays. It is highly addictive. With its realistic graphics and gameplay, cool weapons and maps this game has won all the praises. Even the pure vegetarian fams are going nuts to get the chicken dinner in this game. The game is pretty simple to understand. You have to survive among the 99 other players by killing each other. You can play it solo, duo or in sauads. This game is a lite version of its pc version but no less interesting. The game has a lot to offer, you can play arcade or classic deathmatches. The most amazing feature that makes it trending is that you can play it with your friends while connected on voice chats. Though if you want to play it smoothly you might need to have a decent smartphone with decent specs.

5. Snapchat

We all like to click our pretty pictures and edit them to make them even more prettier. Or sometimes just click some funny pictures goofing around. Snapchat provides some of the most amazing filters and funny stickers. You can create snapchat streaks with your friends and enjoy. There are other photo editing apps also available on playstore like instagram, snapseed etc.

6. PES 2019

If you like playing sports, specially soccer, PES 2019 is the best soccer game that you can play on your android smartphone. The gameplay is pretty good with decent graphics and all your favourite players. You can create your own team by choosing your favourite players and compete against other players in online games or play against the CPU in multiple events. The game provides multiple difficulty levels starting from Beginner to Superstar and even Legend mode.

7. Star Maker Karaoke

If you think you’ve got the most melodious voice and love singing you can download this app. It has got all the popular song to which you can sing your heart out and record your singing. This app also has it’s own rating system which rates your singing. You can join singing rooms too and sing with others. It’s really heart pleasing to sing with your bae or friends. And this app is completely free which is pretty amazing.

8. Piano Titles

As the name suggests it has running tiles over your screen which you need to tap before the disappear and it will generate piano sounds. The fun part is that it’s not some boring learn piano type of app but it’s a fast paced game which tests your eyes- hands synchronization. It helps improving your concentration and free to play. Anyone can play this but only few can master it. You can challenge your friends to beat your record.

9. Meme Generator

I’m pretty sure you all like watching memes on social media and sharing them with your pals but have you ever thought of creating one yourself. If not, then try it out now. Show your creative and humourous side to your friends by creating memes on them. It has all the latest meme templates and tools to design your funniest meme. It comes in two variants- Free and paid version. If you can bear the ads you can work with the free version or you can purchase the ad-free version.

10. In Shorts

If you are a busy person or lazy(either way), this app can help you learn about things happening around you and in the far corner of the world. This app provides you all the news in a short format and less words so you can get to know everything and save your time too. If you’ve got some free time but not too much to read a newspaper, you can go for this app. I personally use this app too.

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