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Welcome, today we are back with some mind-blowing ideas for starting a new YouTube channel. Check them out, who knows which one will change your life.
Here’s complete a guide to start a YouTube channel. 

There are so many peoples who wants to start use YouTube channel as a side or part-time income for a better living. But the only problem is there niche. They choose a niche which is already in-demand and thousands of creators are working on it. And you get disappointed that you can’t be successful in this community. 

  1. Regional language
  2. Medical knowledge
  3. Agriculture
  4. Stock Photography and VideoGraphy


We always think like if we want to target more audience, we have to publish the content for the global audience. So, we make content in English and most of the content doesn’t reach to the audience who loves the content in their own native language. Making content in different languages will help you grow and boosting your new YouTube career.  

This can be your country’s native language or another language for a country except of English.

Medical knowledge 

Creating content for public knowledge is also a very good idea for a YouTube channel. From medical knowledge I mean make aware people for what you can do in this critical situation, or this kind of herb or natural medicine can help you during this type of disease.

The number of channels like this is very low on the YouTube Community. So, if you want to start a channel like this community will support you. 


If you belong to a village and good at agriculture and looking for an extra income this will help you. You can use this platform to display your skills in an effective manner.

Here you can teach peoples “Tricks to increase production of the vegetable and fruit”. 

Or if you are good gardening show them how can anyone manage a garden in effective manner. Like soil management, plant management, season management.   

Stock Photography and Videography 

This is another best option for the beginning of career as a youtuber. It is also a good niche to start a YouTube Channel.

If you have DSLR and a good taste in photography give this a try. You can do stock photography for free or paid it’s on your own. Take YouTube as a showcase of your photography skills and same with the videography. 

Here you can teach or guide the audience, how to take beautiful shots and more about cinematography. Or you can create some creative commons content. Content with acreative commons license is free to use for the public or audience, anyone can use your content without any copyright issues. 

There are so many websites that pay you for your contribution and simultaneously you monetize your YouTube videos. 

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Here people make video of their lifestyle and share their experiences to the peoples.  
You can me a tech vlogger and unbox and review tech things. 
If you love traveling, then you can be travel vlogger. Just shoot where go, how’s the place n all… 
f you like bike and cars, you can be a Moto vlogger.  
Food vlogging is also trending nowadays. Just go place to place and share how much you like the food and like which item is best for the place. 

How to choose your “niche”? 

If you here for ideas for new youtube channel and doesn’t come up with something that suit’s you, then create your content on your expertise. Means anything you like to do in your free time, can be your fulltime idea. #dedication  

You can do anything programming, designing, development, daily news and updates and many more…   


In short, these are some of the best fields on youtube for starting a new channel. All you have to do is create quality content with dedication.

“Nothing can stop you except you to find you”


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