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Attackers using American Express’s Phishing page to steal User’s information

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So how do they do it?

Scammers are sending spoof e-mails of American Express look alike website which states that some changes are required to be made with the credit card details, in order to keep the information safe! These scammers attach a form with the e-mail, where they ask the user for all the credit card details along with their PIN and credit card’s CVV. In order to do so, these scammers use e-mail addresses which have some keywords associated with American Express, and hence make it look so legit that the user falls into the trap. Once the user inputs and submits the form, the details are directly forwarded to the scammer and the user is redirected to American Express’s official site, with a message, “Thank you for your Feedback”.

How to avoid getting trapped in such scams?

Firstly, you should be aware of the basic fact, that no debit/credit card company would ever ask you over e-mail or phone, to submit details for any reason. Secondly, in this growing IT world, user should remain updated with what is going on with the system online. Thus, if a person is choosing on to deal and transact online, he/she should be aware of how to remain safe and maintain security.

What is phishing attack?

"Phishing attack ahead" - warning generated by web browser
Phishing Attack Warning Generated By Web Browser

It is a basic attack used by attackers, that doesn’t require any coding/programming knowledge, and any notorious IT geek can perform this in order to gain access to some private information associated with the user and then might use it to contrive something evil. From the victim’s POV (point of view), the victim sees a legit and fully operational web page that asks information for any stated reason, and the reason told also seems to be legit. This sweet trap leads the information entered by the victim to get transmitted, directly to the attacker (because this legit looking website is hosted by the attacker).

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