Apple’s iPhone X Explodes!

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Apple’s iPhone X Explodes After Updating It To Latest IOS 12.1

iPhone X has overheated and caught fire after installing IOS 12.1. The 10 month old iPhone X that bought by Rahel in January overheated, emitted smoke & caught fire when phone turned on after the update.

A twitter user Rocky Mohamadali tweeted this photo & said – “Apple iPhone X just got hot and exploded in the process of upgrading to IOS 12.1. What’s going on here???”

The picture clearly shows totally damaged rear panel, with the wireless charging coil peeking through. In additional images, Rocky Mohamadali confirmed that he was using an official 12W USB wall adapter and cable to charge his iPhone X.

Apple responded to Mohamad’s tweet saying it’s ‘definitely not expected behaviour’. Apple has asked him to ship the exploded iPhone X so that company can investigate the reason behind it. Well at this point we have to wait for any official information from Apple.

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