Apple Will Start Manufacturing iPhone X,XS And iPhone XR In INDIA(2019)

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Apple iPhone X, XR and iPhone XS will start manufacturing in India in early 2019

Apple is ready to start manufacturing its high end iPhone X line-up in India starting in 2019, according to CNBC report. The tech giant company Apple will do partnership with Foxconn to manufacture iPhone X line-up in India. The reason behind this is continuous decrease in sales of iPhone in India due to its expensive price tag.

Apple is already manufacturing iPhone SE and iPhone 6s in India & now they want to expand the manufacturing process. So, how it will help Apple to grab more market in India? Well by manufacturing high end iPhone in India means Indians won’t import it and will help to reduce the cost. This manufacturing line-up includes iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

Apple holds 13 percent of market share in smartphones Worldwide, while it has just 2 percent in India according to Bloomberg report. Apple is now world’s most valuable company but it’s still struggling in India and we all know that the reason behind it is Android. Many Android phone manufacturing companies are trying to capture the Indian smartphone market by providing maximum features in lowest possible price.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that India could be next China, which is now Apple’s second largest market. While it looks like situation is not in a favour of Apple right now. This strategy will help Apple to capture more market share than it currently has because of reduce in cost on its latest iPhones.

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