Apple Maps Starts Navigation In INDIA

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In 2012, while WWDC, Apple announced the initial release of Apple maps with turn by turn navigation, flyover view etc for their customers. And according to Apple, the Apple maps would replace Google Maps, After the launch of Apple Maps it faced heavy criticism and in result of it, Apple CEO Tim cook apologized to their customers. In 2012, Apple announced Apple Maps but not for all countries. Also, its most of the features were limited to very few Nations and in 2015 Apple acquire some companies for improve their Maps service. After that Apple launch their Maps service step by step Most of EU countries and other countries.

Today Apple released their Navigation service and turn by turn navigation for Some Big Indian cities. Now Apple maps offer you detailed directions of driving and walking and it also has to option for booking ride from Uber and OLA, it will be showing within the Apple Maps Application.

Navigations and turn by turn directions Comes in India three years after Apple opened its Map development center in Indian city Hyderabad with 4000 employees, In Telangana.

Now Apple is ready to serve for India and now iPhone, iPad and Apple watch users can take help of navigation and turn by turn directions from their Native Maps app.

Now, Apple is focusing on India for the future of its products and services in India. If you are an iOS user, then take advantage of Apple maps new navigation and turn by turn directions feature. May be Apple will soon expand their services in the country and launch their Native payment system, Apple pay in India.

What do you think about Apple maps navigation, would Apple Maps beat Google maps in INDIA? Let us know in the comments below.

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